President's Message, Volume 5

Hello Sisters!

I don’t have much to update on the personal front other than the fact that we found out we are having another girl! If I could have hand-picked my family, I’d have chosen three daughters, and I’m so excited this dream will be coming true in 2015. I have a heart for young women, thus my continued involvement in KP, and I look forward to (most) of the years ahead with my three. The teenage years? Maybe not so much. J

Let’s go get some ice cream together. We are perusing the flavor options and you find out that your most favorite flavor of ALL TIME is about to be discontinued. What size do you get? Do you get the small (or the “like it” size), the medium (or the “love it” size), or do you get the gigantanormous (the “I can’t live without it” size)? The biggest they will sell you, of course!

How does that kind of “can’t live without it” kind of attitude translate into your spiritual life? Do you like God, so you go to church weekly? Do you love God, so you plan to do a Bible study this semester? Or do you feel like you can’t live without God, so you are in constant prayer, read your Bible daily, and live for Him daily? If I’m being honest, I’m somewhere between “love” and “can’t live without” when I know I want to be squarely in that last category. Starting tonight, I want to live as thought I can’t live without HIM in my life. Join me!

Then join me for ice cream. Today is National Ice Cream Cone Day. For real.

President Profile of the Week! Marissa Witkovsky:

My name is Marissa Witkovsky. I am president of Beta Gamma at Ohio Wesleyan University and will be graduating this spring with a double major in Botany and Zoology and a double minor in Religion and Environmental Studies.

This year, Beta Gamma is starting out with fifteen members, but recruitment has been going well so far. A lot of our favorite activities center around our love for being crafty, our tendency to have parties for nearly every major holiday, and our trips off campus to serve the community or unwind from the week with some fun at a pumpkin farm, the Columbus Zoo, or pottery painting (to name a few).

As for what I like to do, coming from the small, rural town of Roaring Spring, PA, I love outdoor activities including kayaking, fishing, hiking, and just walking around in nature’s beauty. I also love cuddling with my pets, playing board games, and being with family. My picture is of me and a few friends from one of my favorite places in the world, Camp Blue Diamond, the church camp I grew up at and work at during summer (I am in the red shirt). I hope all of your chapters have a great year!

Thanks, Marissa!

 If anyone sees any errors in the National Directory I emailed out last week, let me know! Thanks!

Mark your calendars now!! October 23rd at 8pm (Eastern time), our National Associate Sponsor, Karen DuBois, will be hosting and leading a WebEX presentation titled “How to Lead an Interactive Bible Study.” This would be a great thing for each President, VP Programming, and Chaplain to hear, and as always, every member of your chapter may attend. Make time NOW to attend this brief presentation. If you have class or have KP meeting that night, listen to the recording and send Karen a short note afterwards to let her know you listened.

Since I’ve already had my ice cream cone for the night (1/2 price at Sonic, all day today!), I guess I’ll be off to bed soon. I don’t envy those of you up late studying and preparing for tests, but I do pray for you! Have a great week!

In His Love,

Jennifer Hovis

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