Joining Kappa Phi as a college student will be one of the best decisions you make during your college career. When you join Kappa Phi, you not only become a sister on your local college campus, you become part of a national group of ladies, young and old, who all have the same mission.

Home Away From Home

Being a member of Kappa Phi helps you adjust to your new college life. It provides you with opportunities to meet many Godly-women young and old alike, who will help mentor you and guide you in your walk with Christ, not to mention Kappa Phi gives you the opportunity to grow your family by thousands--welcome to our Sisterhood!

Christian Leadership

Kappa Phi provides many opportunities for growth down the path of Christian leadership. Take part in being a cabinet member at your local chapter, or even step up to lead a small group Bible Study. We were born to be “lights in the darkness”, let this be your time to shine as a leader!


Do you have a huge heart for others? You’re in the right place! One of Kappa Phi’s four pillars is Service. Kappa Phi is involved with Service all over the country and takes two weeks per academic year to unite nationally and serve together at each respective campus; this is in addition to many other service projects that occur throughout the year.

Sisters In Christ, Sisters For Life

Joining Kappa Phi as a college student? Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there! The bonds you form during your Kappa Phi college career will last forever. Kappa Phi continues on after graduation--there are many opportunities to be involved as an Alumnae!

Need more reasons to join Kappa Phi? Let’s hear from some of our Actives:

  • Bonding with girls so friendly and diverse; it’ll turn your world upside, literally.
  • We LOVE to eat.
  • Knowing there are actually girls on the campus of the #1 party school in the nation who actually believe what you believe.
  • Between chapter meetings, social events and sleepovers, there is never a dull moment!
  • Growing stronger in your faith and developing a closer relationship with Jesus.
  • God (is there any other reason?)